Resolutions Revisited

We are already halfway through the year (hard to believe isn’t it?). Remember back at the beginning of the year when you made resolutions (or plans) for your nonprofit organization?Resolutions Nonprofits Need to Make

You may have long since given up on your personal resolutions, but you need to keep going with your nonprofit resolutions.

Let’s check in and see how you are doing.

Stick with your plan
How are you doing with your fundraising and marketing plans?  Please tell me you did create written plans for 2013.

Are you meeting your goals so far?  If you are not where you want to be right now, figure what’s not working and make any adjustments you need. 

Maybe you are coming up short in your fundraising goals because you are reaching out to the wrong potential donors or not engaging your current donors enough.

You should be monitoring your progress at least once a quarter, so schedule a time to do this again before October.

Be realistic
I’ve been writing a lot about dealing with limited resources and setting priorities so you can work successfully within your means. Take a good hard look at what you want to accomplish.

Perhaps your spring fundraising event isn’t worth the effort you put into it.

Make room for growth
Are you looking into new opportunities for your organization?  Don’t cast a wide net.  Analyze your audience and reach out to those who will be receptive to your cause.

Summer is also great time for your staff to learn new skills.  Look into professional development opportunities.

Do your best
Make a point to do your best whether it’s writing a thank you note or sharing accomplishments.  Be sure everything you do is high quality.  Give your donors what they want, such as photos and stories showing how you are making a difference.

Be nice
Keep being nice to the people who support you.  If you haven’t sent out a special thank you message to your donors this summer,Time To Thank Your Donors make a point to do that soon.  Be donor-centered and always show appreciation.  Create an attitude of gratitude.

Don’t give up right away
Again, if something isn’t working, figure out why.  If people aren’t responding to your messages, maybe your messages aren’t clear, you are reaching out to the wrong audience, or you need to send your message through a different channel.   Make the adjustments you need.    

Sometimes you do need to give up what you are doing and do something else that will give you better results.

Remember you don’t have to work 24/7.  Take care of yourself, especially if you are feeling really stressed.  Hopefully, you have a vacation planned this summer.

Most nonprofits are very busy in the fall, so fit in some relaxation time over the summer.

Keep up your resolutions this summer and throughout the fall. 

How are you doing with your resolutions?

Photo by Roberto Ventre via Flickr

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