How to Make Your Website Donor-Friendly

Many of you are busy with your fall fundraising appeal. Even if you mail your appeal letter, a lot of people will donate online. If you are sending out reminders by email and social media, you are also including a link to the donation page on your website. 

From now until the end of December is the busiest time of year for fundraising. All of a sudden people will be flocking to your website.

Are you ready for all these visitors? Here are some ways to ensure that your website is donor-friendly.

Your donation page
Take a few minutes to check your donation page. Is it easy to use and navigate? Does it have an engaging message and photo? Is that message consistent with the one in your appeal letter?

Read on for more information on How to Create a Welcoming Donation Page 

Your home page
Let’s say you have a donor who wants to contribute, but doesn’t have immediate access to the link to your donation page. That person will Google your organization and be taken to your home page.

This means your home page needs a prominent Donate Now button, along with a friendly message letting people know your fall appeal is underway.

More information please
Having a donor-friendly website applies to all your web pages. What if someone wants to know more about a program you mention in your appeal letter? Does your site have that information? Is it easy to read and understand?

Maybe you have a prospective donor who wants to find out more about your organization’s work before she gives. Do you have some compelling stories and accomplishments to share?

Perhaps someone else wants to volunteer. Do you have up-to-date and clear information on how he can get involved?

You never know what will happen once someone enters your website. You need to be prepared for people to visit multiple pages, which, of course, you’d like them to do.

Are all your web pages up-to-date and audience-friendly? Use this website checklist to find out. A Website Checklist 

Be mobile friendly, too
More and more people are using their mobile phones and tablets to access the internet. Make sure your website is mobile friendly, too. Responsive design may be your best bet.

Mobile Friendly Websites for Nonprofits – Case Study

Keeping your website donor-friendly is relevant all year round, not just during a fundraising drive.

The internet is still a popular place to find information, and more people are donating online now. Don’t miss out by not having a donor-friendly website.

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